Name:  ABLESIMOV Nicolay

Official address, telex and telephone No:
   Institute of materials, The  Far East  Branch  Russia  Academy of Science (RAS),
   Khabarovsk, 680042, Tikhookeanskaya 153, Russia.
   Tel: (4212) 35-8896; Fax: (4212) 35-8810; E mail:

Data and place of birth:                                               Nationality:
   8 April, 1949                                                              Russian
   Voroneg, Russia Education (degrees, dates, universities):
   Leningrad State University, Chemical Department      - 1972
   Ph.D., Moscow State University                                   - 1977 Career/Employment (employers, positions and dates):
   Junior Researcher                        Institute of Tectonics & Geophysics
                                                       FEB RAS
                                                                                  1976-85    Leading                                        Institute of machinery & metallurgy
   Researcher                                    FEB RAS
                                                                                  1986-89    Radiation  dosimetry                    Platinum-digger artel "AMUR",
   engineer                                                                  1989-94    Head of laboratory,                      Institute of materials FEB RAS
   1994-at present Specialization (specify): 1. Main field
                  Physical Chemistry (Solid State Chemistry, Material Science);
2. Other fields
                  Radiochemistry, Mossbauer Spectroscopy, Non-equilibrium systems 3. Current research interest
                  Non-equilibrium condensed systems, Solid state amorphization Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies:
                 Head Khabarovsk Territory Physical Society Publications:
   - Number of papers in referred journals:                   83
   - Number of communications to scientific meetings:  28
   - Books:                                                                     3

Selected publications: "Possible Application of Mossbauer Emission-Spectroscopy to study of Reactivity of Hydrated Electron".
S.I. Bondarevskii, N.E. Ablesimov,
High Energ. Chem., 11 (1977) 239 "Phase and Element Relations in the Formation of Fulgurite from Basalt".
N.E. Ablesimov, A.I. Tsiurupa, V.G. Lipatov,
Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 290 (1986) 1454 "The Role of Volatiles in Generation of deep Geophysical Anomalies".
N.E. Ablesimov, V.G. Lipatov, Y.V. Taltykin et al.,
J. Phys. Earth., 36 (1988) S191 "Obtaining Powders and sintered Products from Mineralogical Raw-Materials".
V.V. Vinogradov, N.E. Ablesimov,
Sov. Powder Metall., 31 (1992) 6 "Physics-chemical processes of phase formation in non-equilibrium systems of a different scale level groups".
N.E. Ablesimov,
Int. Symposium "Principles and processes of creation inorganic materials". Khabarovsk: Dalnauka, 1998. P. 19-20. "Physics-chemical of ultra small amounts of atoms in irradiated metals".
N.E. Ablesimov, I.E. Alekseev, S.I. Bondarevsky,
Int. Symposium "Principles and processes of creation inorganic materials". Khabarovsk: Dalnauka, 1998. P. 76-77. "The information system “Mossbauer  spectra  of metals and minerals”.
N.E. Ablesimov, L.P. Ablesimova,
Proc. of Int. Conf. on the Appl. of the Mossbauer Effect, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 1997. N TH.T9.P05 "On the energy criterion for the erosion resistance of metals".
N.E. Ablesimov, A.D. Verkhoturov, S.A. Pyachin,
Powder Metall & Met. Ceram., 37 (1998) 94 "Phenomenon of substrance self-organizing in a diffusion layer during electrospark alloying".
N.E. Ablesimov, A.D. Verkhoturov, S.A. Pyachin,
Proc. of 1998 TMS Annual Meeting. San-Antonio (USA), 1999. P. 1037-1040.

"The Nanometric Investigations of Surface Morphology of Electrospark Coatings".
D.L.Yagodzinsky, V.G. Kuryavyi, N.E. Ablesimov,
18th European Conf. on Surface Sci. (Vienna, 1999).  N MV7XHV

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